Copywriter / Content Marketing

Can a left brain and right brain work together in harmony?

Absolutely! As a content marketing manager, I utilize both minds - analytic and creative - with great success.

Left Brain Stuff

I don my analytic/critical thinking hat to dive into research and uncover the challenges, needs, and desires of my target audience or prospective clients; develop marketing strategies, and write valuable content (always mindful of search engine optimization). By studying trends and web analytics, I uncover opportunities and best practices for creating new content and developing campaigns.

More on the left side: I'm a huge grammar nerd and adhere to AP Style. My pet peeves are the misuse of commas and semicolons, run-on sentences, and improper paragraph breaks. Give me an editing pen and let me go to work!

Now for the Right Brain

Of course, the creative/intuitive aspect of copywriting and content marketing also brings great reward. Curating information and offering a new twist, crafting a compelling article or blog post, finding just the right image to complement the copy, creating a PPC ad that delivers leads and developing new campaigns all go under the category of "Why I Love My Job".

Bringing It All Together

When creativity meets strategy, that's when the magic happens! My goal is to write content that delights, informs, inspires...and ultimately "moves the needle" to deliver measurable results. Bringing a smile to my reader's face? Offering valuable solutions to build trust? Priceless!

Writing Samples

Some of my best writing samples are listed in the next section, but you can also check out the Blogs and Websites I manage:

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